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15 Fridays | Service Mastery: Keeping Customers & Growing Repeat Sales

January 22 @ 10:00 am - 10:50 am

A business has two functions. Get customers. Keep customers. No matter how well you dial in your lead generation and your customer acquisition – business is a lot more fun AND profitable when you get good at ‘keeping’ your customers.

On this installment of 15 Fridays we will shotgun our top 15 proven practices regarding moving your customers higher and higher up the ladder of loyalty. We’ll teach you about the value of Critical Non-Essentials and what customers report will make them STOP doing business with a company. The points discussed and shared are those identified as being the most impactful and profound from over two decades of frontline coaching with business owners and leaders.

What is 15 Fridays?

15 topics presented over 15 consecutive Fridays (barring any holidays), in less than an hour, offering up our 15 top strategies, principles, and best practices on that topic/theme. Although there may be some time for discussion and Q&A, most of the session will be a rapid-fire sharing and overview of each of the 15 concepts.

Why 15 Fridays?

After a year like we just had, we wanted to start 2021 with some complimentary tips for business owners and business leaders. We thought we’d take the concentrated ‘Coles Notes’ of ours, and our clients’ over the past 75,000+ hours of frontline coaching and share it over a zoom webinar format. Access to business re-education for all is part of our vision and we’re proud to keep that access going with 15 Fridays.

Who is 15 Fridays For?

  • Established business owners and leaders who are so experienced they likely have forgotten about/veered away from some of the key fundamentals that used to bring them great success and results
  • Those who have set a goal to make new learning a consistent RICHual in 2021and prefer to have all the hi-lighting of the main points done for you
  • Business owners and managers who have stalled out and hit a plateau over the recent years and are looking for some new old concepts to ignite a breakthrough
  • Knowledge seekers feeling overwhelmed with ingesting countless hours of video, audio, paper, and digital information in an attempt to become more learned but have actually just become more confused and paralyzed with ideas