Author: Stephanie O’Brien


If you’re looking for solutions to people, process or leadership challenges, a major consideration to show the best results would be to assess whether private versus group coaching would be best. If you are going to invest time, money and hard work you want it to suit you and provide the best possible outcome to achieve your goals.

Let’s dive into one-on-one coaching, also known as private or individual coaching. Designed to help people create change in their lives – it could also mean reaching personal or business goals, improving skills, and to achieve maximum self potential. Choosing individual coaching means you will have a much more personal experience as it requires a direct relationship between you and your coach. Having a 1:1 coach holds great value as they’ll focus on your concerns or challenges, create a customized plan to achieve your goals, push you in the right direction and expedite you towards success. Individual coaching works well for individuals with challenging schedules, as one-on-one coaching offers flexibility and is an effective use of time. It also works well with leaders who are dealing with situations that require complete confidentiality – something that won’t work in a group setting.

However, having a group to whom you can relate and who possess similar goals as you can be one of the great benefits to group coaching. Being surrounded and supported by like-minded people is more valuable for a lot of people as it’s a great way to network and learn from others who may have gone through similar challenges or experiences. It is not uncommon for group members to gain more opportunities as an outcome of group coaching. It is also highly rewarding to feel empowered while also empowering others. The main difference with group coaching is each person will be working towards their own success and not towards a collective goal. Also, instead of being accountable to your coach, you are not accountable to both your coach and a group of peers. That being said, belonging to group coaching is still highly beneficial for those who feel more comfortable in a community setting or for those who aren’t ready for the financial commitment of an individual coach. Being a part of a community reduces the risk that the participant will become dependent on their coach, and, if the coach is not available, they can reach out to other members of their group for support.

Which one is for me?

When choosing what type of coaching is right for you, consider what your needs are. There are pros and cons to each style of coaching but we can all agree that coaching is beneficial to everyone. Increased self-awareness, accountability, and learning new ways to implement change are only some of the possibilities that can be achieved with private coaching or group coaching. The important thing is to find a coach that you’re comfortable with and have respect for. But you shouldn’t feel too comfortable – remember the comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing ever grows or changes; be certain the coaching will apply enough pressure and not simply be a cozy ‘fit’ for your personality. Look out for events or courses that coaches hold for free – this is a great way to find out more about the coaches and what they have to offer.