Author: Kris Sigmeth

I spent my 20s building and coaching teams and clients to success. I would say I had a very successful career and with that came some pretty amazing rewards and learnings but also some harmful habits. Harmful in the way that I started to correlate success to these “habits”, and I’m not talking about a strong work ethic, I am talking about going beyond that.

I have been researching the habits of highly successful and effective people for a couple years now and it’s very clear that basically you need to get up early, get enough sleep, read/learn something new every day, do some journaling, focused action, exercise and proper diet among other things…Did you notice that it is solely focused on self care?…

NOWHERE does it say anything about holding your bladder for 12 hours, because being part-camel sounds like a goal of the upper crust. Eating that old orange, you found in the staff room or nothing because who could possibly take a lunch break without the business burning down? Being everything to everyone, sleep, gym…what’s that? friends and family…who? Oh, and lets not forget the need to be there for 12 -18 hours a day, because it can’t possibly be successful if you don’t give up your soul. When being “busy” is now a part of your identity, your ego even, while you are likely doing the work that someone else should be doing so you can focus on the most important tasks of your business.

What I am simply saying is that it is time to start listening to what these 1000’s of successful/effective people are saying. Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Business…If you didn’t roll your eyes or say ‘but…’, then I am happy to say you are ready to check your habits and hit the loo.