Custom Team Training and Planning Sessions

Get your team out of the office environment for a tailored training or planning session. Contact us today to discuss options.

We are able to facilitate and lead your team’s event anywhere across western Canada, although our scenic Canmore office location is fast proving to be the premises of choice for most companies. Several of our clients our combining a fun activity such as mountain biking, paddle boarding, or simply visiting a local brewery or distillery to their training session. Common sessions run anywhere from a half-day to two-days in length, although any scenario is possible. Questions? Contact us HERE.

BC and Alberta's top choice for Business Coaching.

We are ActionCOACH trained and certified business coaches.
We have coached, trained, consulted with, or facilitated events for over 700 businesses/clients since starting in Calgary in 2006. We operate from a deep rooted belief in abundance which basically means: the more, the more, the more. Every business owner we help grow creates MORE for their business. The business then can provide MORE life and wealth for the owner and their family, as well as MORE jobs. That family can now contribute and invest MORE in our local economy. That economy can then offer MORE support back to all of us. It’s not just a belief, it’s something we live out daily with our amazing customers and their indomitable quest to improve.

Get into ACTION. Get an EDGE.

When all is said and done, more is usually said than done.

Reading, listening to TED Talks, and attending think tanks, seminars, and mastermind sessions alone is not enough to ensure growth. Action is the key; massive appropriate action. Most of the clients who begin coaching with our firm already a strong business education and acumen and dozens of great ideas – they take us on as their coach for our reputation of bringing those ideas to life and ensuring they are acting out their knowledge. If you are without a professional business coach to challenge you towards constant growth, you are likely standing still in a market that constantly evolves, TAKE ACTION today – contact ActionEdge Business Coaching.  See how we can help you.

We are a proud division of the World's #1 Business Coaching Firm

Our parent brand ActionCOACH has been ranked the #1 Business Coaching firm in the world for over 14 consecutive years, by Entrepreneur Magazine.

The great justice and accountability in the coaching industry is that if you do not get results, you do not last. Which is why we’re proud to have over 21 years of achieving results as the global leader ActionCOACH, and 13 years operating as a firm here in B.C. and Alberta. As coaching businesses is what we do all day, everyday we’ve amassed quite the cache of best practices, tips, tools, and resources to share with our clients. Not the kind of tips that come from the latest trending webinar or blog from some overnight success expert – strategies that were actually implemented with real businesses that achieved results.  Reach out through our contact form if you want to discuss applying to join our client roster.

Do I Need a Business Coach?

Wrong question. 

Yet one we hear all the time. The better question is ‘what could happen if I start with a business coach?’ Or, ‘what if I don’t start with a business coach?’ If you want to win, and if you are counting on your business to provide you, your family, and your employees a great life – you get a coach. Every industry in the world has figured this out already – sports being the main example, but business has been the last to catch on. Judging by the last few years – business owners in Calgary, Kelowna, Penticton, and all across western Canada have seemed to have evolved to the point where they no longer ask ‘should I get a business coach?’ They now ask, ‘which business coach should I get?’

What We Believe


Your business will probably end up being the vehicle that provides you and your family with all your financial and lifestyle goals or, the very thing that robs you of them. Harsh but true. Usually not much grey area here. Our company was founded to ensure that being in business gives you more life, not steals it from you. Every business out there is perfectly designed to get the results it’s currently. Likewise, every business owner is earning exactly what they deserve; or in other words – we are all being exactly and appropriately compensated and rewarded for the impact we are currently making in the community, economy, and marketplace. Basically – your next pay raise becomes effective when you do. The business will grow to level of the owner and not beyond. We believe a true business is a commercial, profitable enterprise, that works, without you, and we believe you can build just that!



Our Vision


World Abundance Through Business Re-Education
World abundance begins with local abundance, and the success of the business owners that are the heartbeat our our great city and province. We see local economies thriving through local business success, when we see the growth of the business owners themselves. Our offices are located in Kelowna, Penticton, Calgary, and Canmore serve as headquarters as we work towards our vision across all of B.C. and Alberta.

What We Offer

Focus, education, accountability, systems, and tools. Our one on one coaching programs are structured based on decades of results, while still being flexible to ensure the best conditions for the individual client to thrive. One on one programs include access to our full workshop series and 90 day planning events, plus an initial alignment and our powerful business planning software. The majority of clients have two or three one to one sessions per month yet we have those who have a single session per month, and a few who have eight. The frequency is mutually agreed upon after we explore exactly what you want to achieve and honestly considering how much time you can dedicate to working on implementing the learning and action items stemming from your coaching sessions. To explore if one on one business coaching with us could benefit your business send us a message.

Our group programs are unique in that the singular focus is results and growth, and not networking. Mirroring a similar structure of a one to one coaching session the group coaching allows the members to celebrate and reflect on wins and results, get a quick and practical education point each session from the facilitating coach, engage in a focused master mind style conversation with their fellow members, and end the session with quickly identifying their main learning from the session, and cite their main action items going forward. The secondary value from the group coaching comes from the power of support and encouragement among the members. To learn more about applying to enter our group coaching program send us a message.

Corporate, meaning the improvement and growth of the organization, and executive meaning the development and growth of the people. Our coaching programs in this area are best reserved for organizations looking to make significant leaps in growth – ‘adding zeros’ as we like to say. In other words, if 10 percent growth is your target, we’re likely not the best fit for your company, 10X growth however – let’s discuss. Our engagements of this nature begin with several exploratory meetings to fully understand challenges, gaps, and goals, which we follow up by providing a thorough and customized Action Plan for results in your organization founded upon our Five Disciplines for Adding Zeros. To speak with us about corporate and executive coaching for your organization, send us a message.

More and more organizations are beginning to realize that investing in the skills and education of their people pays dividends well beyond the financial bottom line. We have several core training courses available as well the ability to customize a training program that fits the necessities of your team members. Area of training include, but are not limited to: leadership, management, communication, sales, service, retail, phone skills, planning skills, and more. Send us a message to find out more about our team member training courses.

Many of our business resources were created to supplement and support our coaching customers’ programs, yet we’ve had a loud request for access from non-clients so we have opened them up as purchasable resources for all. Our vault includes but is not limited to: business plan creation software, business valuation reports, personality (DISC) assessments, and business calculators. Send us a message to find out more.


90 Day Planning

Spend a day working on your business, rather than in your business. Every 90 days, you will join our coaches in a war room to plan your next quarter. You will visualize your goals and map out a plan of action to achieve them, getting a crisper, concrete grasp on where you want your business to be in the near future, 90 days at a time.

6 Steps

By attending our complimentary seminar, we can show you how to make more money, but also get your time back to do more of the things you want to do.  Get your business working for you so that you can get on with your life.

We were an award winning business before we ever started working with Jarrod. In the first 12 months working with him our net profit has increased 1371%

J. Ruston

Speedpro Signs

Kevin has done an outstanding job with and for his coaching clients. His level of caring, dedication, experience and client results are hard to come by. If you are thinking of engaging Kevin to help you grow your business, be ready for some positive change, personal growth, and improved profits!

D. Holstein

Our business had more than doubled our revenue in our second month with Kevin Simpson. We recommend having coaching for any business owner! The expense for coaching is paid out of the new revenue that you generate through applying their suggestions 🙂

Inspector Bocc

My coach is Jarrod Stanton. He is teaching me to think of my business as a business and not a hobby. Over the past few years he has given me great ideas to grow my business, implement procedures, helped with tough situations and be accountable to someone every week when we meet. I really need that!!! Thanks Jarrod.

L. Wilson-Bunda

The Scrap Yard

Kevin Simpson has challenged us to get our calendar sorted out, and to live by it…helped  us with our financial tracking and has given us tools we can use to measure our effectiveness in all areas of our business.

R. Bartsch

Jarrod is an amazing business coach. He continually provides Learn Photography Canada with practical, realistic, and appropriate solutions. This may sound unenthusiastic, however I cannot give higher praise to a business coach and one whose recommendations are so actionable.

J. Lam

Learn Photography Canada

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