One-on-One Business Coaching


How Do I Know I Should be Looking at a One-on-One Business Coaching Program?

Wondering if it’s time for you and your company to shift into beginning a coaching program that takes you beyond basic business education – one that actually keeps you on track and focused, holds you accountable, grants you access to a systems and tools resource library built over 25 years, relates up-to-date best practices being employed by real growing businesses, and all delivered by a certified ActionCOACH business coach? Every coach on our team protects a single appointment slot every week to help you explore that exact question. Not every business owner is a great fit for our coaching program and 14 points of culture; likewise, we are not a fit for every business owner we encounter. However, when a great fit is found, you can expect real results relatively quick.


Is This You?
Common Situations that Have Led Several Clients to Start With Us.


  • You just crested $1M in sales for the first time (or other significant revenue milestone), but find yourself being more important than ever to the business operating. In other words – the business relies on you way too much for your comfort as well as your plans for more freedom.
  • You are having challenges moving from the identity of a worker and/or manager into the identity of an owner. You realize that to truly grow the business it requires you adopting new thoughts, decisions, actions, habits, skills, beliefs and values – and you’re thinking you could use some help with that journey.
  • You are feeling alone. Even though your team keeps growing, you seem to be feel more and more separated. You have become a passionate mentor, trainer, and coach to your growing team and you are starting to wonder if you could use someone like that in your corner.
  • Your business is performing great month to month by the numbers, but you are starting to become concerned around whether or not it is actually growing in value as an asset that could be sold, duplicated, or retired from.
  • You have been plateaued for a while. You used to truly be growing your business, but lately it’s been more like simply running your business. You are looking for some perspective on breaking out.
  • You’ve had success, but very expensive and frustrating success. Looking back you realize your only business education has been from the school of hard knocks, and you are thinking you would rather learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than your own during your next chapter of growth.
  • You have a hard timeline of needing to exit the business in 5 years or less, but you fear the current valuation is not reflective of the years and sweat you’ve invested. You find that unacceptable and need to make the business worth more.
  • You have no one to report to. You’ve become very important and are used to people reporting to you, but you realize – it’s been a long time since I was accountable to anyone.
  • You have everything under control. And you like that, but you also are aware it also means you’re not growing or challenging yourself.
  • You are an ex-athlete, or someone who has had a coach all through your life, and you are thinking – of course I am getting a business coach, I want to win.
  • You are growing, but too slowly for your liking. You want to start multiplying your business instead of adding to it. You want to start ‘adding zeros.’
  • Your brother-in-law keeps talking about his business coach. You’re pretty sure your competitor is working with a business coach. You just want some answers on what all the fuss is about.


How to Get Started

Applying for a spot in our One-on-One Business Coaching programs begins with a complimentary consultation and interview. Get started right now by contacting one of our coaches and requesting your session HERE.