Client Testimonials


“Net profit has increased 1371%”

“We were an award winning business before we ever started working with Jarrod. In the first 12 months working with him our net profit has increased 1371%.”

– J. Ruston, Speedpro Signs


“Here are the biggest reasons why a business coach (and more specifically Action Edge) can change your life”

I could write a novel about all that Action Edge has done for our firm. It has only been a year since we first met and I feel like Action Edge has been part of our Exceedia story forever. Here are the biggest reasons why a business coach (and more specifically Action Edge) can change your life:

1. Clarity – you think you’re special with your unique ideas and unique problems, but every business has the same needs – vision, mission, business plans, workflows – Kevin has really helped us build us from self employed entrepreneur to true business owners by helping define each step

2. Living what you preach – Kevin and Jarrod are constantly growing themselves, which means that you can watch them live the strategies they are asking you to implement

3. True networking and business relationships – Jarrod and Kevin believe in the people and businesses they coach and you can see it in how they use the services and products of the people they coach – not as a ‘favor’ but to truly give you feedback as a real customer. Many of the things that were recommended by Kevin helped us implement a more robust client experience. They are always introducing us to other Action Edge clients to strengthen our community together.

4. Profitability – Because of Kevin’s one on one guidance and Jarrod’s workshops once a month, we grew our gross revenue by $200,000 in less than a year

Thank you for being such thoughtful, insightful coaches and our team at Exceedia would follow you to the ends of the earth! If you are looking for business coaching with real, tangible, financial return in your investment, Action Edge is your answer!

– Jesse Vu, Exceedia


“In my first year working with my coach, I had my best year ever. …”

“In my first year working with my coach, Jarrod Stanton, I had my best year ever. Now seven months into year two, I’ve already matched last year! Before I got into real estate I was a Tennis Professional. I spent my career in tennis always having a coach, and so do all professional athletes. As I reflect on my career as a Realtor, I can’t believe it took me 10 years in the business before I considered a business coach. It’s no different than professional sports, if you want to be successful, or be the best in your profession, get a business coach, get Jarrod Stanton. Coaching is not just for sports!”

– Robin Spiers, Robin Spiers and Associates


“It’s never convenient to attend the 90 day planning meetings, but I never miss one because …”

“Before I started working with Jarrod I spent the majority of my time blindly working, dealing with jobs and problems as they came to me, never goal setting and just punching the clock. It’s never convenient to attend the 90 day planning meetings, but I never miss one because the work I put in there – goes straight to my bottom line. Five 90 day planning sessions over the past 15 months has resulted in an income increase of over 60%. This impact has spread from business skill, to life planning, and has me constantly setting goals for the future and breaking down how to work towards them. I can honestly say without Jarrod Stanton at ActionCOACH I would not be able to do what I love today.”

– Tavish Bochek, The Athlete Factory


“The Gift Designers has increased its net profit by 281%”
“Last month marked the second year anniversary of coaching with Jarrod Stanton.

I can get all emotional about what coaching with Jarrod has meant to me personally, but first let’s talk about the stats (the part that Jarrod really enjoys!!).

Last night Jarrod & I reviewed The Gift Designers financial report, and here is our financial story for the past year:

  • The Gift Designers has increased its net profit by 281%
  • The Gift Designers has increased its revenue by 52%
  • The Gift Designers has increased its GPM by 2.3%

On top of large financial accomplishments I have the “mushy” accomplishments to report as well, here is the emotional story:

I chose to enlist Jarrod as my business coach 2 years ago after choosing to “give the biz a good go” versus turning in the towel after 9 years in business. The last two years have been difficult, good, and all very rewarding. Jarrod has challenged my way of thinking & doing business. Jarrod has supported me in ways that I cannot completely articulate except to say that in the shop and in friendship circles people know that “I’ll ask Jarrod” will be a standard reply. When I plan our staff parties and functions, Jarrod now gets an invitation.

From Jarrod’s support and coaching I have been able to accomplish these financial results and I have a renewed vision for The Gift Designers and a stream lined focus on what needs to get done to accomplish our mission. I have received invaluable staffing advice, the much needed ‘kick in the rear’ when required, marketing input & feedback, strategies for implementing systems, what to report on & what the reports mean :), input on how to manage my time and many, many more. I have an increased confidence that is difficult to describe and far too many shifts in my thinking to document.

Thank you Coach, I appreciate you.”

– Noreen J. Ward, The Gift Designers INC


“It really gives you a chance to step back from your business …”

“I would recommend the 90 day planning session to any entrepreneur or business owner because it really gives you a chance to step back from your business and take a long term view, focus on what your priorities are for the upcoming months and really re-align with your objectives.”

– Lisa Rushka, Momentum Communications


“The way it brings our staff together and makes us a team rather then a bunch of individuals is one of …”

“As a coach at The Athlete Factory, I feel it would have been nearly impossible, to achieve what I have achieved, with out the help from Jarrod Stanton and Action Coach. Jarrod has helped me become a better business man and a better leader, which in turn has played a crucial role in my success as an Athlete Factory coach. His understanding of business and his patience with my lack of understanding has made my life a whole lot easier to manage. The 90 day planning sessions we do with Jarrod are unlike anything I have done or even heard of before. I feel that if a company wants to go from good to great or even succeeded at any level, it has to take part in the 90 day planning session. The way it brings our staff together and makes us a team rather then a bunch of individuals is one of the key reasons of our success as a business. The feeling you get when sitting beside your superiors and feeling that your all on the same level and on the same path is something you can only get at the 90 planning sessions.”

– Sandro Rajic, The Athlete Factory



  • Trish Boyko
    Trish Boyko
    01:07 06 Jul 17
    Since working with Jarrod Stanton at Action Edge Business Coaching our lives & business have completely changed. With his knowledge & suggestions, Jarrod has given us a whole new way of looking at business & by helping us build a stronger foundation, we can now look at growing our business going forward. From solid knowledge on finances, to marketing campaign ideas, to creating a stronger brand & vision for our photography business - Jarrod has helped every step of the way. We now have a better idea of where we are & where we want to be & even how to take the steps to get there. Having Jarrod as our business coach has also helped immensely in the personal aspect of our business relationship. As a husband & wife photography team we were often caught up in the issues of who had what roles in our company. Emotions would be strongly expressed when discussing business issues & ideas that weren’t always mutually agreed on. Jarrod helped us define our roles & become business owners while at work, opening the lines of communication between us. We now have more confidence in our skills & ability to define & use our strengths. Always going above & beyond & taking a personal vested interest in our growth & success, we feel that Jarrod is an essential part of our team. We appreciate his thoughtful advice, holding us accountable & invaluable perspective. Jarrod has motivated us to become better people & more successful business owners. Benefiting our business on every level we highly & wholehearted recommend Jarrod.
    Back At It Massage
    Back At It Massage
    03:00 29 Aug 17
    I've been working with Action Edge for over a year and my business has grown to a second location. As a business owner with no one to be accountable to it is easy to put goal setting and planning off to the side. I meet with Kevin every 2 weeks and always have someone to be accountable to. These guys are truly inspirational. Its not only business coaching its personal growth to push yourself, to be motivated and to get excited to work on your business.
    Mauricio Leiva
    Mauricio Leiva
    03:22 31 Aug 17
    During the time that Kevin has been our business coach, we have attained more business clarity and direction. He has not only helped with high-impact strategic planning, but also with tactical implementation. Having access to a seasoned entrepreneur that understands how you think and feel has been a tremendous benefit. Knowing that you'll be meeting periodically with business coach Kevin, makes you being more accountable, more prepared and keeps your momentum going. Kevin truly cares about his clients.
    Wayne Weskin
    Wayne Weskin
    03:49 31 May 17
    Action Edge Coaching has provided me with so many tools that have helped my two businesses grow and flourish. Further to this, I have used their business planning software and valuation tools with many of my own clients. To know the value of a business now and then the value once the planning and coaching has taken place has proven invaluable to a number of my clients. Thinking of your exit strategy, wanting to expand or just wanting to improve on what you already have, this works for all these scenarios. Anyone serious about making their business work for them should definitely book a meeting with the staff at Action Edge, I highly recommend it.
    Lee Richardson
    Lee Richardson
    23:10 18 Sep 17
    I recently attended a presentation put on by Kevin from Action Edge at Bow Valley College and it was fantastic! Kevin provided so many great insights and tools on how to combine proper mindset with action in order to lay a solid foundation to begin to grow your business. I would absolutely recommend checking out one of their workshops. These guys know their stuff!
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