ProfitCLUB: Focus, Education, Accountability

Your focused peer-to-peer advisory meeting.


ProfitCLUB | Owner’s Forum

Build your knowledge. Build your confidence. Build your profit. Build your business!

ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum … has been a staple program of the world’s leading business coaching company since 2006 – designed to offer a group of business owners a structured environment to brainstorm, ask advice, receive feedback, hear peer successes and challenges, compare and share strategies and best practices, AND receive tools and tips from a certified ActionCOACH business coach.

ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum is a business education and accountability club where business owners can interact with their peers, learn from and challenge each other in an advisory board/think tank setting, and build strategic alliances. We are NOT a leads group, referral group, or networking group – although trusted relationships will surely be forged. Think of ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum as your own business training ground, and protected time for brainstorming your business growth, and a place to sharpen your professional skills.

ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum is comprised of 90 minute meetings twice a month with the focus on YOUR BUSINESS, period. The focus is not on what’s for lunch or breakfast. There are no charges for the room or dues, and no duties, or new roles and responsibilities assigned to you as a member of the group.

The agenda of a ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum meeting is as follows:

  1. Welcome
  2. Recap Wins and Achievements
  3. ‘Profit Point’ from Coach
  4. Peer Advisory and Brainstorm
  5. Verbalize Focus/Goals
  6. Wrap Up / Announcements

A 9 month membership in ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum also includes:

• Access to our client library of resources
• 3 x Access to 90 Day Planning Session Full Day Workshops
• Client pricing for all Action Edge products and services
• Next Steps 1 on 1 Coaching Session upon Graduation

ProfitCLUB: Owner’s Forum is limited to 8 participants per group. 

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“I love the ProfitCLUB, never ever want to miss it ! It’s a Business Life-Long-Entrepreneur club, you must attend. The Knowledge had transformed me to be a strong and Knowledgeable Business Owner. 7 months in ProfitCLUB has resulted in over $ 300,000 to our company. I can not say thank you enough to Jarrod & the Action Edge Team.”

– C. Chansiri, MKC Renovations, Calgary, AB