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Bank loan officers and private investors love the layout and contents our finished product yields; and our clients love the simple data entry and the ability to thoroughly comprehend and connect with their future road map. There is no business planning tool like this one.



I found the PlanningCLUB tool to be a great help. I’ve used a number of different planning tools and this one was the best. It provides a full look at all aspects of the business while allowing you to focus on those key action plans that will really drive your business. And it provides plenty of actionable ideas to choose from.

Mike Moser

Echelon Foods

How Much Longer Can You Wait to Create Your Business Plan? Is not having a solid plan delaying or prohibiting any of the following?
  • acquiring financing from your bank
  • acquiring financing from private investors
  • acquiring start-up capital
  • gaining the trust and confidence of new investors
  • taking your business into new markets
  • rolling out new products and/or services
  • altering the business model
  • your focus and execution

If you answered yes, to any of these – contact us today to access our business planning system.


What Do I Get?

You will be able to update your online business model yourself or have a team member do it on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis to reflect what’s happening in your business. Your online system will update your dashboard with your new projected position. This gives you enormous clarity and allows you to test your business assumptions and dynamically see the result to your cash in bank, your profitability, your equity value and the health of your business. PLUS, it immediately updates your business plan… giving you access to a ‘living’ business plan reflecting your most current opportunities, shifts in direction, and updates.


Your Standard Business Plan Access will Include:
  • System orientation session with an Action Edge business coach
  • Log-In access to your online system
  • More than 980 business strategies
  • Annualized cash flow, profit & loss, balance sheet and marginal cash flow projections for 5 years
  • A business health check and scorecard
  • Simple options to print and / or create pdf file of finished plan
  • Cultural/identity shift for both you and your business
7 Keys to Successful Business Planning
  1. Identify the NEED your business fulfills and define HOW it fulfills this need.
  2. Recognize your uniqueness.
  3. Name your key stakeholders.
  4. Know the SIZE of your market as well as WHO makes up your target market.
  5. Devise ideal promotional strategies.
  6. Breakdown your REVENUE streams.
  7. Budget capital needs, and create a plan for breaking-even.


To speak with one of our coaches about accessing our Business Plan Builder contact us HERE, or call us at 403-306-0272.


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